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Matter is a strategic design consultancy.
We make human-centered, mission-critical interfaces, communications, programs, standards, and systems for corporate, social, and entrepreneurial organizations.


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Innovative companies love our work. So do millions of their customers.
Research &

We believe primary qualitative research, especially observation, is the best basis for sound strategies, informed design, and better experiences. Understanding what people really do maximizes project investments and ensures successful outcomes.

We use ethnographic video, interviews, shadowing and other techniques to dive deep and reveal opportunities to improve the ways companies do business, communicate, and serve people.


Mystery Shopping

Stakeholder Interviews

Video Research

Brand Stories

Heuristic Evaluation

Usability Testing

Strategy &
Matter helps visionaries translate goals and theories of change into tangible plans and statements of purpose. We give shape to complex or hazy strategic intentions with clear language, visual frameworks, and roadmaps.

For a strategy to be adopted, it must be understood. With visualizations, self-explanatory frameworks, storytelling movies, and clear language we make big ideas understandable and compelling.

Mission & Vision

Clarity & Consensus Workshop

Opportunity Matrix

Strategic Roadmap

Strategic Communication

Visualizations &
We use concept diagrams, explanatory models, paper prototypes, experience models and mock-ups to make concepts tangible. They test theories, prompt new questions, and frequently give rise to new and better ideas and requirements. Our visual prototypes are often what we call “usefully imprecise” – intentionally imperfect, serving an important purpose to validate, stimulate, and concentrate ideas.
Experience Model

Concept Sketch

Participatory Design

Data Visualization

Interactive Simulation

Specifications &
Style Guides
Whether an interface or identity, a program or service model, a design is only as good as its capacity to be realized. The design assets, standards, specifications, and style guides Matter delivers to its clients are prepared with the same user-centered mindset as work for end users. Design documentation is understandable and referable, meaning what you get is not just an aesthetic – it’s a tool – something you can use.

Client team members, from developers to executives, value our design deliverables and rely on them to ensure the realized design precisely matches the design intent. We help organizations tame chaos and rethink ad hoc design with documentation that is clear and easy to use.

Design Assets

Design Specifications

Standards Manual

User Guide

Executives, creatives, and entrepreneurs have relied on Matter research, strategy, and design since 2002.

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